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Available Everywhere: August 9, 2024


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Your journey begins here!

Enter a realm of fun and magic. Here, you play alongside beloved Disney characters in an exhilarating quest. This is a game for everyone, with all the thrills and excitement you’d expect from a timeless Disney adventure. Disney Lorcana Gateway is specially designed to be the best way to learn how to play. With everything you need contained in the box, you can jump right into your first quest, no experience required.  The included guides help you learn as you play while building your game skills bit by bit. The realm of Lorcana is beckoning . . . come join the adventure!​

How To Play Videos


Follow along with this video to learn all the basics of Disney Lorcana



Even beloved Disney songs are part of the game. Play these from your hand or have your glimmers sing them for you instead. Learn more in the how-to-play video.

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A Team Of Characters

Each of the two prebuilt decks is filled with special versions of Disney friends called "glimmers" that are ready to join you on your adventure. With Disney Lorcana Gateway, you’ll learn both how to play them and ways they can work together.​

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Get ready to challenge

As with any Disney adventure, you’re bound to run into a few obstacles, whether it's a villain, a rival, or some friendly competition. Clear your path to victory by sending your glimmers to challenge these adversaries. The guides in the box show you how and help you sharpen this skill for an even faster win.

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Your quest to win

Every game is a race for a magical story star. The more “lore” you collect, the closer you get to that prize. We’ll show you how to make the most of every quest with the help of your glimmers.

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Gateway Includes:

  • 2 Starting Decks (30 cards each)​
  • 4 Reward Packs (18 cards each)​
  • 30 Damage Counters​
  • 2 Character Movers​
  • 2 Character Bases​
  • 1 Game Board​
  • 1 Rulebook​
  • 1 Guidebook​
  • 2 Deck Tips Pamphlets​
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