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Rise of the Floodborn Reveal: Namaari – Morning Mist

Rise of the Floodborn Reveal: Namaari – Morning Mist

November 13, 2023 - Author: Steve Warner

Welcome everyone! Steve here, and we’ve made it to the last of my Rise of the Floodborn card reveal blogs! While I hope it’s all been worth the wait, this last reveal isn’t one to wait around. Let’s take a look at Namaari – Morning Mist!


Namaari – Morning Mist

Namaari – Morning Mist is a legend cost 4 character with the classifications Storyborn, Villain, and Princess. She cannot be inked, has 2 Strength and 4 Willpower, and can quest for 1 lore. Additionally, she has the keyword Bodyguard, as well as an ability called Blades, which reads “This character can challenge ready characters.”

The princess of Fang isn’t going to let others quest if she can stop it, and the best way to do that is to challenge them before they can.

Namaari – Morning Mist is the first time we’ve seen a Villain Princess, and she has attitude. Her Blades ability allows her to challenge characters even if they’re ready, Something no character has gotten to do in The First Chapter. To get the most out of this ability, you’re going to want to combine her with cards that help her with challenging, or cards that keep damage off of her.

Let’s focus on helping with challenging first. With White Rabbit’s pocket watch you can make your opponent feel like they’re out of time, since Namaari – Morning Mist can rush in on ready characters and throw off their tempo. Alternatively, since she is a villain, you can use Vicious Betrayal to increase her Strength by 3, allowing her to banish an undamaged and ready character with up to 5 Willpower!

White Rabbit’s Pocket Watch / Vicious Betrayal

Now, keeping damage off of her. Rapunzel – Gifted With Healing is already a quite popular pick. But here, you’ll get to control who Namaari – Morning Mist challenges, and then heal her. This may lead to drawing 3 cards while dealing with characters who are giving you trouble. Of course, within her own Steel ink is the Rise of the Floodborn card Mouse Armor which gives a chosen character Resist +1 until the start of your next turn. Giving Namaari – Morning Mist Resist is going to prove to be a very strong option, since not only will it prevent damage when she challenges in, but since she’s a Bodyguard, she will also be the target of incoming challenges from your opponent. Give her some armor and keep her around as long as you can!

Rapunzel – Gifted With Healing / Mouse Armor

Make no mistake, crossing swords with this princess is a recipe for disaster! It’s best to do whatever you can to stay clear of her! That’s the last of our Rise of the Floodborn previews. Remember, the set releases at local game stores on November 17th, and at mass market on December 1st, so we hope you’re excited to add Namaari – Morning Mist and everything else the set has to offer! Be sure to follow @DisneyLorcana on our social channels, and we look forward to sharing even more Disney Lorcana TCG news and reveals soon!

Until next time, Illumineers!