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Rise of the Floodborn Reveal: Peter Pan’s Shadow – Not Sewn On

Rise of the Floodborn Reveal: Peter Pan’s Shadow – Not Sewn On

November 8, 2023 - Author: Steve Warner

Welcome everyone, Steve here. I was supposed to share the next card Rise of the Floodborn card reveal today but… I’m not sure where it went. Where is that blasted thing? It’s always running off, so good at hiding. But I’ll find it… Ah! There it is! Let’s take a look at Peter Pan’s Shadow – Not Sewn On!


Peter Pan’s Shadow – Not Sewn On

Peter Pan’s Shadow – Not Sewn On is a Super Rare 4 Cost Glimmer with the traits Storyborn and Ally. It cannot be inked, has 2 Strength, 3 Willpower, and can quest for 2 Lore. It has the keywords Evasive and Rush, along with an ability, Tiptoe, which reads “You other characters with Rush gain Evasive.”

Rush is good. Evasive is good. Put them both together? Now we’re talking even better! But, on top of Peter Pan’s Shadow – Not Sewn On having those powerful keywords on its own, it grants Evasive to your other characters who have Rush! How useful would it be for Maui – Hero to All or Zeus – God of Lightning to have Evasive? Suddenly they’re harder to challenge and stick around in play longer.

Maui – Hero to All and Zeus – God of Lightning

You can also get some extra usage out of abilities that grant Rush, with cards like White Rabbit’s Pocket Watch or Cut to the Chase, allowing the character you use them on to challenge pesky Evasive characters like Pongo – Ol’ Rascal. While it will go away at the end of your turn, it’s something to consider!

White Rabbit’s Pocket Watch and Cut to the Chase

One thing is for sure, with Peter Pan’s Shadow around, your opponent will need to be much more careful with their Evasive characters. While Rush characters in The First Chapter were purely looked at as a form of removal, Peter Pan’s Shadow – Not Sewn On makes then more versatile at safely questing. Zeus – God of Lightning getting to avoid challenges while he’s questing for 2 Lore each turn can prove very strong!

All in all, your Rush characters will have a much easier time with Peter Pan’s Shadow – Not Sewn On around. Have a deck you’re thinking of including it in? Be sure to follow @DisneyLorcana on all socials, and let us know what type of deck you plan on making for Rise of the Floodborn!

Tomorrow, Richelle will share a character who’s kind of a big deal.

Until next time, Illumineers!