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Rise of the Floodborn Reveal: Flynn Rider – His Own Biggest Fan

Rise of the Floodborn Reveal: Flynn Rider – His Own Biggest Fan

November 7, 2023 - Author: Richelle Brady

Welcome, everyone! Richelle here to introduce the latest Rise of the Floodborn card reveal!

I’m excited to reveal a Floodborn version of one of my favorite Disney characters, Flynn Rider from Tangled! Of course, while I might be a big fan, nobody admires him more than Flynn Rider – His Own Biggest Fan. Let’s take a look!


Flynn Rider – His Own Biggest Fan

Flynn Rider – His Own Biggest Fan is a rare cost 4 character with the classifications Floodborn, Hero, and Prince. He can’t be inked. He has 2 Strength and 3 Willpower and can quest for 4 lore (sort of . . . we’ll come back to this). Because he’s Floodborn, he has Shift (in his case, Shift 2), allowing you to pay 2 ink to play him on top of another character named Flynn Rider. He also has Evasive and an ability called One Last, Big Score, which reads “This character gets -1 Lore for each card in your opponents’ hands.” His gorgeous smirk was illustrated by Elisabetta Meleranci and Leonardo Giammichele.

Rather than being a gallivanting notorious criminal, this Floodborn Flynn is depicted as more of a skilled and stealthy type. Remember, the ink flood can enhance any of a character’s particular qualities or talents, and that can include turning a charming rogue into a master thief!

While Flynn Rider – His Own Biggest Fan can potentially quest for 4 lore, that number shrinks for every card in your opponents’ hands. You’ll need to play effects that cause your opponents to discard cards if you want to get the most out of this guy.

Bucky – Squirrel Squeak Tutor / Belle – Hidden Archer / Cogsworth – Grandfather Clock

Bucky – Squirrel Squeak Tutor plays into this strategy by making an opponent choose and discard a card whenever you play a Floodborn character. Belle – Hidden Archer is a great choice to trigger this ability. While her ability to force your opponent to discard their hand whenever one of their characters challengers her is powerful on its own, having Flynn Rider waiting in the wings to quest if your opponent’s hand become empty creates a powerful combo. Keep Cogsworth – Grandfather Clock on hand to help protect these fairly low-Willpower characters from damage, and you'll have yet another Floodborn to trigger for Bucky’s ability!

Rafiki – Mysterious Sage and Maui – Hero to All

Eagle-eyed Illumineers have noticed that the artwork for Flynn Rider – Confident Vagabond includes posters of both Flynn Rider – His Own Biggest Fan and Flynn Rider – Charming Rogue. It’s funny to think about all these Flynn Rider glimmers getting into trouble all over Lorcana. There are lots of other easter eggs and pieces of story hidden in the cards. We hope you find them all!

Will you try out a discard deck when Rise of the Floodborn arrives? While I talked about pairing him with Sapphire, is there another ink color you’re more interested in? Be sure to follow @DisneyLorcana on all socials, and let us know what type of deck you plan to make for Flynn Rider – His Own Biggest Fan!

Tomorrow, Steve will introduce a card that—wait, where did it go? Must be here somewhere . . . Steve! Stop playing and help me find it!

Until next time, Illumineers!