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Rise of the Floodborn Reveal: Shere Khan - Menacing Predator

Rise of the Floodborn Reveal: Shere Khan - Menacing Predator

November 6, 2023 - Author: Steve Warner

Hello! This is Steve, the co-designer of the Disney Lorcana TCG and the Lead Game Designer on the individual sets. I’m coming to you today to teach you all about villainy. I’m a cat lover, so I couldn’t resist the chance to reveal Shere Khan – Menacing Predator! Let’s take a look.


Shere Khan – Menacing Predator

Shere Khan – Menacing Predator is a rare, cost 3 character with the classifications Storyborn and Villain. He can be inked, has 3 Strength and 3 Willpower, and can quest for 1 lore. He has an ability called Don’t Insult My Intelligence, which reads “Whenever one of your characters challenges another character, gain 1 lore.” His illustration is by Matthew Robert Davies and Leonardo Gianmichele.

I always like keeping my opponents from gaining lore, and what better way to stop them than to challenge their characters? One of the best aspects of this Shere Khan is that he works well on his own but is also great fun with the Steel characters who want to banish opposing characters. Try pairing him with Te Kā – Heartless or Simba – Rightful Heir to take the lead in lore while you’re taking control of the board!

Te Kā – Heartless and Simba – Rightful Heir

Not only do you get 1 lore from Shere Khan – Menacing Predator challenging, but if those characters win their challenges, you’ll get even more lore. Also, don’t forget that while Shere Khan can gain 1 lore when he’s by himself, if you have two copies in play, each successful challenge will net you 2 lore! That can add up fast while also keeping an opponent from questing a lot.

Another trick is to use characters with Rush like Rafiki – Mysterious Sage and Maui – Hero to All along with this Shere Khan. Pounce on your opponent with new characters ready to challenge unsuspecting exerted characters straight from your hand, and gain lore in the process. Oh, and those characters with Reckless who wouldn’t normally be able to help you gather lore and win the game? Now they can!

Rafiki – Mysterious Sage and Maui – Hero to All

Gaining lore through challenges can really put a lot of pressure on opponents. Normally you’d have to decide whether to challenge or quest, but this villain never has to give up the chase.

Are you ready to add Shere Khan – Menacing Predator to your deck, or will you give your prey a sporting chance? Be sure to follow @DisneyLorcana on all socials, and let us know what type of deck you plan to make for Shere Khan – Menacing Predator.

Tomorrow, Richelle will share a Floodborn character many of you have been anticipating!

Until next time, Illumineers!