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A Mysterious Sixth Rarity: Enchanted

A Mysterious Sixth Rarity: Enchanted

August 3, 2023 - Author: Richelle Brady

Discover a previously unannounced sixth rarity!

You’ve seen all the cards from our first release in the Disney Lorcana TCG Companion app, but we saved a very special surprise for you! Announcing enchanted cards, an extremely rare type of card featuring exciting alternate artwork of some of the cards found in The First Chapter. Enchanted cards also feature Inkwash foil, a beautiful foil treatment previously only seen on the D23 Expo 2022 promo cards.  

We can’t wait for Illumineers to discover these special cards! Those of you attending Gen Con will be the first to see them, and we want to celebrate each reveal. In addition to the alternate art and foiling, just look for the new rarity symbol and a collector number that’s over 204.  

If you find an enchanted card in a booster pack, be the first to post a photo to Twitter, tagging @DisneyLorcana and using hashtag #EnchantedSeeker. We’ll meet up with you at the show to verify your find, and if it’s confirmed, you’ll be invited to join us for a special event at Gen Con on Sunday at 3:00 PM! 

Good luck, Illumineers!