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Enchanted Cards Revealed

Enchanted Cards Revealed

August 28, 2023 - Author: Jessica Fisher

See each of the sought after cards you can find in The First Chapter

In an enchanting twist that has set the hearts of collectors aflutter, we’ve unveiled a spectacular surprise: enchanted cards! These 12 captivating cards from The First Chapter were discovered by fans at Gen Con, the largest tabletop game convention in North America. Fans were encouraged to share their discoveries on X (formerly known as Twitter) using the hashtag #EnchantedSeeker. 

These extremely rare cards are marked with the new rarity symbol and a collector number over 204, the number of standard cards in the set. Boasting a mesmerizing full-art design featuring alternative artwork, enchanted cards offer players and collectors alike a chance to enjoy some of their favorite cards in an entirely new way. 


Enchanted Cards



But the allure doesn't end with the art. These rare cards introduce fans to a stunning special treatment known as Inkwash foiling, which adds a touch of magic that dances across the cards when caught in the light.  

The gameplay and subjects of each card are identical to those of their standard counterparts in the set, so there’s no game advantage to playing with enchanted cards. 

Best of all, every Disney Lorcana TCG booster pack holds the chance of discovering one of these elusive treasures, making every opening a thrilling adventure! As the sixth and most coveted card rarity in the Disney Lorcana TCG, the enchanted rarity adds a new level of excitement for players and collectors. It's part of our commitment to continually evolve and surprise, ensuring that the journey through the realm of Lorcana remains as magical as the stories that inspire it.