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Malia Ewart - Artist Spotlight

Malia Ewart - Artist Spotlight

May 15, 2024 - Author: Jessica Fisher

Dive in with this talented artist.

Malia Ewart can tame colors the way King Triton tames the seas. Discover more about her process and how she went about illustrating this glimmer.


Welcome, Malia! You got to bring to life a version of a character that is in a prequel. Tell us what went through your mind when you learned you’d be drawing this iteration of Triton.
Malia: : I was super excited, given Triton is one of the fatherly figures I adored most from animation growing up. In the prequel, we get to see this playful youthfulness to him and a silly side he isn’t afraid to show!

How do you go about studying the movement/posing/anatomy of a character before you start sketching? 

Malia: I always gather myself a massive pile of reference photos when jumping into any new project, but the art directors on the project are awesome and provide us with all of these materials upon launch. I definitely indulge in watching some clips from the movie both for research and enjoyment.


What’s your favorite Disney Theme Park? And why?

Malia: I’ve got to go with my old stomping ground, Disney California Adventure Park! I was a Cast Member there for nearly four years, and Cars Land really has a special place in my heart.  


What Disney story or character has inspired you the most?

Malia: I don’t think I can list them all here, there’s so many! If I had to pick just one, I’d say Rapunzel from Tangled. She’s such a free spirit, and definitely inspired me to go out of my comfort zone, take risks, and live life to the fullest.


Lastly, where can fans find you online?

Malia: "You can find me @maliadoodles on Instagram and Facebook!"