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Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight

June 17, 2024 - Author: Jessica Fisher

An artist who will entrance you.

Get to know Lisanne Koeteeuw and uncover how she brought to life this match made in…well, Urusla’s lair.


Lisanne, you had the fun task of connecting two cards visually together! Tell us about that process and how you approached it.

Lisanne: The first step was testing out lots of small sketches to see what was possible in the composition. I tried a couple different perspectives; for example, I also tried something much more zoomed out with a cheering crowd and several explorations of Vanessa reaching into Eric’s card holding his hand. In the end, I decided I’d go for a symmetrical composition, quite close up so we can see their expressions, and place them both in crowns. I wanted to go for a different vibe for each character despite the symmetry in backgrounds. This is Ursula’s fantasy victory, so she’s completely at ease and reveling in her win, whereas Eric looks blank and vacant. I liked making the octopus banners as well and having them tinted purple, which is Ursula’s signature color.


What’s your favorite Disney memory?

Lisanne: I have so many; my grandma collected the VHS tapes specifically for all the grandkids, and I remember sitting around the TV watching them with my brother, nieces and nephews as a child, eating ice cream. As an adult, finally getting to go to Disneyland Paris was a great experience too! I had never been there as a child but was able to go a few years ago with my friend.


Where’s your favorite place to draw and create?

Lisanne: It’s a very boring answer, but it’s just my desk! I’m the kind of person who needs a designated “workspace”; I get so uncomfortable drawing in public and immediately seem to forget how to draw the second someone’s watching me. I have a simple setup with a laptop and a digital tablet. Right now I’m about to move into a new place so everything is a bit messy, but I already can’t wait to design my workspace in my new home!


What’s a favorite detail you put into a card you designed?

Lisanne: Out of my cards that have been released, it’s only a really small detail but I really liked making Vanessa/Ursula’s shoes have little shell shaped heels.


You can enjoy more of Lisanne’s work on Instagram @spookydraws_art.