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Koni - Artist Spotlight

Koni - Artist Spotlight

May 24, 2024 - Author: Jessica Fisher

Making beauty real.

Koni’s incredible interpretation of Aurora is sure to make your heart sing. Sit awhile and get to know this spectacular artist.


First off, Koni, we’d like to ask what’s your favorite Disney memory?

Koni: I remember when I was a child, we used to watch the VHS of Robin Hood with my brother. I can see myself sucking my thumb like Prince John again.


What cards would you like to have in your deck?

Koni: I would like to have A Whole New World in my deck because it’s a double-edged card. It’s a very powerful card, but if you don’t play it well, it can bring you discover. The card effect is in contradiction with the poetic side of the scene is very funny.


Villains or Heroes? Which are more fun to draw?

Koni: Villains with no hesitation. I love their charismatic and expressions! They are so Machiavellian, it’s so fun to draw and there are so many possibilities.


What’s your favorite Disney Theme Park? And why?

Koni: I only know the Resort in Paris, but my favorite land is Frontierland. I fell in love with the mood of this area especially during Halloween because there is amazing decor with all the pumpkins and Coco decorations.


Keep the art going by visiting Koni’s Instagram art account @koni.art.