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Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight

June 5, 2024 - Author: Jessica Fisher

One artist, two glimmers.

Hi Brian. Tell us what Disney story or character has inspired you the most?

Brian: When I saw Aladdin for the first time, it really cemented my dream to work for Disney. The story, music, and artistry were at such a high level that it inspired me to really focus on my skills so that I could hopefully reach the same level with my art. A couple years later I was able to start at Walt Disney Animation Studios as a layout artist on Tarzan and would go on to work with the directors of Aladdin on films like Treasure Planet and Moana!


Villains or Heroes? Which are more fun to draw?

Brian: Villains! I love the range of design elements that are developed for villain characters. They can often be more exaggerated than the hero designs and are very fun to draw.


Where’s your favorite place to draw and create?

Brian: I do almost all my work on my digital tablet which is nice because I don’t have to be pinned down to one place all the time. I like to work outdoors when the weather is nice or on my couch next to my dogs. The real important thing for me is music. Wherever I’m drawing I usually have music playing as I sketch. I’ll often listen to the soundtrack of the movie that the card is from to really help me get into the character and mood of the card.


How do you go about studying the movement/posing/anatomy of a character before you start sketching?

Brian: I’ll rewatch the movie or scene that the characters are in. I really like referring to the original model sheets for the characters. The animators put a lot of thought into those model sheets and they are extremely helpful in making a character look correct.


Who would you be your Disney animal sidekick?

Brian: Animal from The Muppets.


For even more inspiration and art from Brian, go follow him on Instagram @briankesinger or on Facebook at The Art of Brian Kesinger.