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Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight

June 7, 2024 - Author: Jessica Fisher

A talented artist tackling a dastardly villain.

Adam Ford most definitely brought his A (and eel) game to this card. Let’s take a peek behind the scenes and seas to see how he brings glimmers to life.


Adam, we’d love to know right off the bat, what’s your favorite Disney memory?

Adam: I have a lot of early memories of Disney but I would say, going to the video rental store where Disney had their own collection of VHS, each with a distinctive. I would scour over them and look specifically for Condorman. I loved that movie as a kid.


How do you go about studying the movement/posing/anatomy of a character before you start sketching?

Adam: I generally do a lot of research. Historical or otherwise. It is important to find how motifs and shape language will play into my designs. I usually watch the movies associated with my cards several times to get a feel for them.


How long does it take you to get to final artwork?

Adam: It can take as short as a few weeks to a month to get to a final image. Some cards have more content and demand more revisions and thought. I would say an average card take anywhere from 40- 80 hrs.


What’s a favorite detail you put into a card you designed?

Adam: Strange as it sounds, I like the water I made for one card. I thought the reflections looked convincing and played well for the elemental type.


Describe a Dreamborn or Floodborn character glimmer you’d want to design.

Adam: I would love to do a feudal Japanese version of Wart and Merlin from The Sword in the Stone.


Make sure to check out more of Adam’s work on Instagram @AdamFord_Art